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About Fineline Properties, INC.

We started our company In early May, 1984 and back then we were known as "Kent Toys" from Kent Ohio, USA. We had one character group the "Moodies". Over the next 3 years we licensed the "Moodies" to over 450 products in 30 different countries. The "Moodies" became the corporate symbol for Daiwa Securities in Tokyo Japan, one of the largest securities firms. We also did similar licensing for Wendy's Restaurants and for Kellogg's Rice Krispies Cereal (65 million boxes). During this time we generated over $20 million dollars in revenue with only one group.

Over the past 10 years all of our time, energy has gone towards creating the 48 different cartoon character groups, which is one of the largest libraries of character groups.

Currently, we are moving from licensing to creating online games that bind kids and adults together.

Today We have 48 complete character groups. We have a very knowledgeable, and creative team of game developers and studios. We create the concept and the look for the Mobile games. We are a unique company, our library is very diversified in its contents, and we take pride in giving each character its own identity and life story.

Our First Trial Game, (Monkey Time Game) that is currently in the market took five weeks from start to finish. Monkey Time has 100 levels of play and every 25 levels the look and requirements change. "Monkey Time Game" is only (iOS). https://apps.apple.com/us/app/monkey-time-game/id1304178740

According to our Business Plan, and business model FY2022-FY2066 In conjunction with Fineline’s unique designs from which will be the foundation of our games, we will have 12 studios, various subcontractors, and six marketing firms. We may expand the gaming scale through acquisition.

From 2022-2026FY with outstanding net incomes, we plan to produce 36 mobile Games such as Role Playing, Strategy Games, Simulation, Action Games, Adventure, Puzzle Games, Leisure Games, Multi Player online Competitive Games, and Music Games.