What does Fineline do?

Fineline develops cartoon characters for the licensing industry. Once characters are developed, they are marketed through licensing agents to manufacturers. The manufacturer in turn pays Fineline a royalty to use our characters on their products.


How old is the company?

Fineline started in 1989. Please see the About page for more info on Fineline.


'Fineline Properties' sounds like a real estate firm. What's the deal?

The 'Properties' in Fineline Properties refers to intellectual property, an industry term for creative works (music, poetry, art etc.). The Fineline part we just thought sounded cool!


What is licensing/how does licensing work?

..the following is an excerpt from the International Licensing Industry Manufacturer's Association [LIMA] website.

Licensing is the process of leasing a legally protected (that is, trademarked or copyrighted) entity known as property which could be a name, likeness, logo, graphic, saying, signature, character or a combination of several of these elements, in conjunction with a product or a product line... Surely, a property can also be licensed for many non-product purposes as well...

Licensing is usually based on a contractual agreement between two business entities: the owner or agent of the property, also known as the licensor and the renter of the rights, and the prospective licensee who is usually a manufacturer. The formal permission to use the owner's property is subject to certain terms and conditions, such as a specific purpose, a defined geographic area, and a finite time period. In exchange for granting the rights for a certain property to the licensee, the licensor obtains a financial remuneration. The basic component of this payment is the royalty, which is a percentage of the licensee's sales of products which are incorporate in the property rights. In addition to that, a guaranteed minimum royalty, the guarantee, is usually required. The licensee has to pay this guarantee even in the face of total failure of the property. A percentage of this guarantee is normally paid as an advance.

Where can I buy your products/see your animation series?

Fineline doesn't create or sell merchandise. Our characters are licensed to manufacturers who distribute product to retail stores, online merchants and the like. The avenues with which manufacturers distribute their products varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. We are more than happy to supply info on how to contact any manufacturers under contract with Fineline. Just drop us an e-mail.

At present Fineline does not do any in-house animation. However, if anyone out there is interested in animating a character group through a joint venture, we'd like to talk.

I'm interested in obtaining a license for a character/character group. How should I go about this?

Contact our licensing department for details on the available licenses/territories for each character group.

Is Fineline hiring artists?

Fineline is always looking for new talent. However, we usually do all our creative work in-house. We are open to freelance work at times, but please contact us first for further info. All submissions should be sent to our Art Studio.

Does Fineline accept outside character groups?

As a rule, we generally do not accept outside submissions. However, we are open to ideas for new character groups as well as working with artists on a freelance basis. Feel free to contact us.

Does Fineline do commission work?

Yes! Fineline is available for design & illustration work, website design both HTML & Flash, and of course cartoon character development for your custom needs. Please contact us to discuss your project.