About Us


Who We Are

Fineline is a company which creates original cartoon characters. Our team of artists develops cool and unique cartoon characters with an eye on current market trends as well as recognized names. From concepts and sketches all the way to the manufacturer style guides - we create it all.

We look for existing, successful markets that lack quality cartoon characters, and develop characters specifically for those markets. While at this time, the public may not recognize our characters visually, they certainly know the names. Our character group Kooties™ has a name that has been in American pop culture for over 50 years; all of our sports characters have names which are recognized slang terms for positions, moves and plays; our computing and Internet characters have names which are familiar to any computer user. From crazy and outrageous to fun and family oriented, we have it all.

Fineline isn't just about characters. Our real strength lies in our creativity. Our huge library of characters is always growing. Our characters are designed for the licensing and animation industries, which are both bigger and hotter than ever before. Fineline is constantly on the lookout for new trends and markets which can benefit from the success a cartoon character can bring.

Fineline's studio is located 40 minutes south of Cleveland in Kent, Ohio, also home to Kent State University. In addition to the creative team of artists, designers and programmers at the studio, we also work with freelance artists throughout the United States.